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Autograv® - Preparation and storage

Autograv®, the complete weighing and mixing system with recipe management is available in various executions and sizes:

  • Autograv® A non jacketed
  • Autograv® B jacketed for warm water
  • Autograv® C jacketed for steam
  • Autograv® D jacketed for steam with a surface-sweeping anchor-type stirrer
  • or special executions of up 4,000 l systems available upon request
  • Available sizes from 150 to 1,000 kg/batch

Autograv is for precise metering of raw ingredients prior to cooking. The steam heated batch weigher ensures a fully dissolved solution enters the cooker. System can optionally include a high shear mixer for optimum emulsification of fat and rehydration of milk powders.

Chocotech offers a complete range of tanks for preparation and storage of various raw materials. Drys - from big bag granulated sugar feeding and milk powder screw feeders with integrated dust ventilation to minor ingredient handling into the batch weigher.

CHOCOTECH offers a complete range of tanks for preparation and storage of various raw materials. 

Fat melting tank

The fat melting tank is suitable for melting fat blocks using either hot water or steam heat. Tanks are available from 200 to 500 l.

Mixing tank for the hydrolisation of milk powder    
Be it mixing and cooking of Agar Agar with water or preparing a pectin, gelatine or whipping agent solution or hydrolising milk or starch powders - our mixing tanks can handle all these products due to their stirrers tailored to the application.

Glucose trough for glucose fed from barrels
The trough was designed to hold glucose which is needed in small quantities only and is therefore purchased in barrels. To drain the barrels simply put them onto the trough.