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The perfect machine when it comes to manufacturing aerated confectionery masses in a batch or batch-continuous mode.
The Turbowhip™ batch cooker with a pressure aerating vessel is ideal for aerating cooked sugar solutions with egg white, Hyfoama or other WAS,  which have a very low specific weight or density.

Throughput: 100 – 1000 kg/h.

The Turbowhip™ is designed having two main vessels:

  1. The thermo-siphon cooker vessel cooks the sugar mass by means of the integrated steam coil. The cooker can be operated at atmospheric pressure as well as under vacuum. Its large volume allows for the product to foam-up with no risk of being sucked-in by the vacuum pump.
  2. The second step is the aeration. The cooked vacuumed  sugar mass is dropped down into the whipping basket and mixed together with the whipping agent solution, e.g. any kind of albumen.  The downstream equipment can be for continuous or batch processing.
Masses: Nougat, Frappé, Marshmallow, Chewy candy, High-boiled & Soft Torrone, Nougat de Montélimar, Halwa-Tahina

Type Throughput*
TurbowhipTM 300 180 kg/h
TurbowhipTM 600
300 kg/h
TurbowhipTM 1000 400 kg/h

* - throughput relates to foam including 15% additions