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Chocoform® PSL

Chocoform PSL® is a drop roller system designed for manufacturing lentils, balls or chocolate eggs.

Tempered chocolate is fed between two cooled rollers and an embossed slab is formed. The system is designed for installation above a cooling tunnel infeed table and design allow for a quick product shape change over; wheel-in wheel out solution. The stainless steel jacketed drums are equipped with a special coolant flow to achieve a very precise temperature across the width of the drums. Gap adjustment for web thickness and product center alignment are easily adjustable. Both chocolate level between the rollers and angle of web to cooling tunnel belt are controlled by sensors to maintain precise control of system. 

Working widths: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1300 mm 
Capacities: 200, 300, 400, 500, 700 kg/h

A special execution with pre-cooling (patent pending) allows for a 100% increase in throughput

CHOCOTECH also manufacture the downsteam corresponding equipment such as slab breaker, belt feeders, hygienic de-flash drum and rework return system.

Type Category Working width Throughput*
Chocoform® PSL Chocolate 420 mm
200 kg/h
Chocoform® PSL Chocolate 620 mm
300 kg/h
Chocoform® PSL Chocolate 820 mm
400 kg/h
Chocoform® PSL Chocolate 1050 mm
500 kg/h
Chocoform® PSL Chocolate 1300 mm
700 kg/h

* - product-dependent