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Conbar® Extrusion

When fitted with a special ‘forming comb’, Conbar® roller formers are ideally suited for direct rope forming. All the advantages of the Conbar® system remain:

  • automatic pre-cooling of the masses
  • moulding requires practically no pressure
  • accurate control of dimensions and weight across the entire width of the machine
  • high processing speeds
  • format changeover is easy and takes 1 minute

The carefully thought-out features of Conbar® rope forming equipment are impressive. The volume dispensed for each rope is accurately metered. The system is very flexible and is suitable for a wide range of applications and for many different masses, such as:

  • chocolate
  • pectin or agar jelly
  • fruit masses of all kinds
  • fatty masses of all kinds
  • caramel
  • nougat creme

The formed ropes of product may be deposited directly on a conveyor belt or laid on continuous strips of biscuit. Depending on the mass used, ropes may be produced at rates of up to 8.0 m/min.

The relevant cooking equipment is available in the range of products supplied by our sister company CHOCOTECH.