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Cooling Rollers Type ZK

ZK cooling rollers are the tried and tested functional cooling system from SOLLICH for boiled sugar masses.

The Advantages

  • consistent cooling of the mass slab from both sides due to the S-shaped configuration of 2 cooling rollers
  • the special design of the cooling rollers ensures even cooling over the entire width of the machine and minimises sticking of the mass to the rollers.
  • Adequate cooling is provided for output of between 200 and 2000 kg/h. The diameter and width of the rollers are adjusted depending on the output.

Examples of different applications

One practical example is the use of the ZK cooling rollers in conjunction with Conbar® bar manufacturing lines, in which two cooling rollers are installed upstream of a Conbar® former, guaranteeing that the mass entering the former is of absolutely even consistency and remains at a constant temperature.

In addition, ZK cooling rollers are frequently used to cool caramel upstream of Conbar® rope forming extrusion equipment. The system is configured so that the caramel is fed directly to the pre-cooling unit from the kettle and the formed ropes leave the unit after passing through all the rollers at 20-30 ºC.

Special design

SOLLICH is building a lot of special design machinery. The infeed hopper of the ZK cooling drums, for example, can be divided into two or more sections to cool down diverse masses or slab ropes with different widths simultaneously to feed several machines.