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Sollich Systems for Bakery Products

Even the finest bakery products can be further enhanced by a sweet finish. Biscuits, wafers or gingerbread get the special touch through sugar, jam or caramel coatings and fillings. Sollich creates the basis for your innovative bakery product creations.

Sollcofill® Moulding Systems

Sollcofill® is the name of the comprehensive range of depositing machines available from SOLLICH. A popular application is for depositing fatty and sugar masses in or on biscuit and wafer bases.



The recently developed sandwiching system, Sollcocap®, is based on the Sollcofill® depositing system and a single or double row sandwiching system.


Fondamat® Glazing Systems

SOLLICH has a range of specially developed enrobing and drying lines for all traditional sugar glazes for full or half coating of pastries, cakes or fruit.


Caramat® Caramel Coating Machine

The Caramat® caramel coating machine was specially developed to coat pastries, wafers and specific confectionery fillings, such as fudge, with caramel.



Sollcotop® is a new method of chocolate enrobing for either half coated products or for strip coating.