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Caramat® Caramel Coating Machine

The Caramat® caramel coating machine was specially developed to coat pastries, wafers and specific confectionery fillings, such as fudge, with caramel. A patented process ensures that the viscosity of the caramel remains constant and guarantees uninterrupted operation over long periods.

The Caramat® is characterised by its hygienic construction. It is made entirely from stainless materials and is suitable for wet cleaning. It is heated by means of steam and incorporates automatic temperature controls.

Special controls 

If desired, Caramat® machines can be supplied with stored-program controls, in which case they are operated via dialogue boxes displayed on a screen.

Functional characteristics

A wire mesh infeed table which can be lifted up permits optimum access to the outside coating pump and the input side of the machine, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Standard Caramat® with SSB sprinkler

The caramel coater Caramat® was specifically developed to enrobe cakes, pastries and certain sweet centers such as fudge, with caramel. Following the Caramat® the SSB sprinkling system can sprinkle top and vertical sides of the product.

Maintenance and cleaning

To help with maintenance and cleaning, the infeed table can be raised. A blower unit on the infeed table avoids wafer crumbs and dust contaminating the caramel coating.

Special Caramat® with all-round sprinkling system ABS

For all-roun product sprinkling the Caramat® can be equipped with a special discharge to the following ABS sprinkling system by means of which the product can be sprinkled on all 6 sides. Chopped nuts, small cereals like rice and crispies or similar ingredients are suitable to be used as sprinkling material.

Caramel enrobed biscuits and wafers belong to the most successful products in the world.