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Sollcocap® - sandwiching system

Sollcocap - Sollich sandwiching systemThe recently developed sandwiching system, Sollcocap®, is based on the Sollcofill® depositing system and, depending upon the throughput, works on either a single or double row sandwiching operation with a maximum throughput of up to 240 biscuit rows per minute, i.e. 120 sandwich rows per minutes.

Very accurate weight depositing

Sollcocap - Sollich sandwiching systemThe sandwiching system Sollcocap® ensures a very accurate weight depositing for all fat and sugar masses with and without ingredients by the new developed volumetric manifold. The two-row execution gets an output of up to 240 biscuit rows/min., i.e. 120 sandwich rows/min.

Double fillings

With two separate double row depositing machines, you can produce sandwiches with two different center materials each a different weight.

Automatic biscuit turn-over device

Depending upon the throughput, each alternate biscuit row or each alternate double row is inverted on a special turnover table prior to the depositing process. There are various aligning systems used, depending on the product shape and the degree of disorientation of the arriving product, to ensure correct positioning before the turnover device and the depositor.

Newly developed suction system

The sandwiching unit, Sollcocap®, is driven via a servo motor fitted with a band following movement, a newly developed suction system has made a significant reduction in the air requirement compared to other current systems. Where sandwiches are made up of asymmetric biscuit shell designs, the shell which forms the top of the sandwich can be turned through 180°.

The ideal partner: Sollcofill®

The Sollcofill® piston depositing machine operating on either a fat based or a sugar based material guarantees a very precise deposit weight and volume. Each piston can be individually adjusted. All parts coming into contact with the product are manufactured from stainless steel. The jacketed depositor hopper is heated from an integral hot water circulation system.

Depending on the material being used, the piston depositing machine can operate between 30-40 strikes per minute.