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Additional Equipment

Pre-bottoming or pre-coating machine with built-in circulation tempering
Sprinkling Equipment

Sollich offers variety of different sprinkling systems to be used on a universal basis and is suitable for nearly all granulated sprinkling materials. All sprinkling systems are manufactured completely from stainless steel materials.
Autoliner® - depositing and aligning machine

The Autoliner® is the optimum feeding system of solid articles to enrobers. It is especially suitable for aligning fondant centers from a Mogul plant, as well as sweets, caramels, nuts etc. The Autoliner® can be fed manually or continuously. Manual feeding is carried out by the operator. As an option we supply a distributor slide plate for even feeding of the centers to the feed hopper.
Magazine feeders and depositors for biscuits and wafers
Turn conveyor systems

Higher operating speeds always require longer production lines. Wherever there is a shortage of space the proven Sollich turns can help to solve the problem. Sollich turns operate continuously and reliably. The product alignment is generally retained. To transport chocolate covered products we supply, if required, a special cooling system for the conveyor.

Product hold down roller or hold down wire belt unit
Tempermeter E6 Tempermeter E6 and viscosity meter

Tempermeter E6 – Portable control unit for measuring the degree of temper in chocolate. This newly developed Tempermeter E6 allows even easier and more comfortable measuring of the degree of chocolate temper. Printer, measuring probe, thermoelectric cooling system and a touch panel are all built-in. A single phase electrical connection is all that is required.
Roller curtain trough (patented)
Roller decorators/markers

Sollich offers broad variety of marking and roller decorator for screen-, dot- or dash line decorations as well as an eccentric decorator to produce a variety of embossed decorations especially for bar formed product.
Biscuit turnover devices
Decormatic® and a variety of other decorating systems

The Decormatic® DC4 is the most modern ecoration system from Sollich. 40 years of experience combined with latest motive power engineering and electronic control have led to this powerful construction easy to handle. All data of a decoration pattern can be saved electronically and can be retrieved easily, whenever required. This means 100% reproduction of each decoration pattern is possible in a few minutes only.