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Bottom Coater

Use of a bottom coater is not confined to the application of a bottom-coating to products such as biscuits or muesli bars. This type of machine can also be used as a pre-coating device for products needing a thicker base, such as bars or pralines. The SOLLICH bottom coater is ideal for both applications, offering consistency in the thickness of the coating, constant tempering and ease of operation.

SOLLICH bottom coaters are available both with integral tempering (Type BT 5) and non-integral tempering (Type BM 5) and meet Sollich’s usual high standards in terms of quality, hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Outstanding characteristics of the bottom coater:

  • hygienic design with stainless steel surfaces for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • patented bottom coating device with counter-rotating bottom roller
  • even finish to bottom coating due to adjustable licking roll and anti-tailer with roller held in position magnetically (no fixings)
  • specially developed microprocessor controls for maximum ease of operation