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Sollcotop®  is a new method of chocolate enrobing for either half-coated products or for strip coating.

Sollcotop® is suitable for almost all fluid enrobing materials, such as chocolate, compound of hot or cold icings. 

Sollcotop® is the ideal enrobing system for all flat biscuits and baked articles. 

Manufactured in working widths from 400 to 1800 mm and for operating speeds up to 12 m/min.

Outstanding characteristics of the Sollcotop®

  • Exactly calibrated enrobing thickness produces very accurate enrobed weight
  • No contamination of the product base with the coating material
  • Maintenance and interruption free operation
  • There is no wire belt as is the case with chocolate enrobers
  • Easy and swift change of material without time consuming machine cleaning
  • Where chocolate coating is concerned, you require a tempering machine capacity equal only to what you use
  • Low investment cost
  • Low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)

Additional equipment

As well as the option to extend the enrobing line by the addition of a THERMO-FLOW® Plus cooling tunnel, a comprehensive range of extra equipment is available: