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Mesh and rope extrusion systems

Instead of depositing chocolate or similar fat masses in moulds, SOLLICH has developed new systems for chocolate extrusion on a continuous cooling conveyor.  

Mesh extrusion

The fascinating variant for solid chocolate.   
Innumerable fine chocolate ropes are extruded on a continuous transport conveyor similar to a weave. The layers of woven weave can consist of different colours in order to increase the optical attraction of this unique product.  In addition, chopped nuts or wafers can be placed between the layers.   

After cooling, the material is cut to the desired dimension.  The height of the product depends on the number of woven layers and can be approximately 4-8mm.  The weight is reduced from approximately 1.2 g/cm3 to approximately 0.7 g/cm3.  i.e. a 100 g solid bar is reduced to approximately 60 g per mesh bar with the same outer dimensions.   

The mesh extruder is supplied for belt widths up to 1800 mm.

Rope extrusion

Chocolate in bar form, round, oval or spiral shaped. A special way to enjoy chocolate.  

The chocolate compound coating or other fat masses are extruded in continuous ropes precisely and with accurate control of the weight and cut to the desired length by means of a guillotine after a short period of pre-cooling. After final cooling this is forwarded for individual or collective packaging.

Rope extruders are available for small and large outputs with working widths up to 1300 mm and extruding speeds up 5.0 m/min.  Fine granules, such as crystallised sugar, nut brittle, chopped nuts, etc. can be mixed and processed with the chocolate.  

A co-extruder for mint, fruit or nut cream fillings is also available. 

Chocolate mesh depositing

Mesh extruders are available for producing bars or slabs in conjunction with conventional depositors up to a capacity of 20 moulds/min.

In this process, the specific weight of the products is reduced by up to 50%.