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Depositing systems for chocolate chips as semi-finished product or for refining e.g. bars.

Chocolate drop depositor type KG/KGM

For depositing on a product track or depositing drops on a cooling conveyor. Available for working widths from 420 to 1300 mm.  The capacity extends from 22 kg/h for small chips (ø = 5 mm = 0.09 g) and 420 mm working width up to 710 kg/h with large products (ø =19 mm =1.2 g) and 1300 mm working width.

Sollcofill® depositors offer an interesting variant for refining confectionery, biscuits, muesli bars or wafer products.  They are particularly suitable for depositing drops on these products as decoration or as a finish. 

Outstanding features

  • Each piston can be individually adjusted where necessary.
  • Where necessary, each depositor can be equipped with a belt lifting device to deposit/form pointed items or to tear off the deposited tail on viscous materials.
  • All parts in contact with the product are made out of stainless steel with jacketed depositing hopper including enclosed hot water circulating system.