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Additional equipment

Cleaning Device

Sollich Turbotemper TE with Cleaning DeviceFor tempering machines with a capacity up to max. 3.300 kg/h a special cleaning device is available. By using this device the machine can be cleaned efficiently wasting very little washing fat. In this case the tempering machine will be equipped with the conforming cleaning connections and a frequency controlled main drive.

Tempermeter E6

Tempermeter E6

With the easily transportable Tempermeter E6 , measuring the tempering process is even simpler and more accurate. It has an integral printer, large LCD display, mini-probe and thermo-electric cooling system, so there is no longer any need for iced water. All that is required is a single-phase electrical connection. The equipment has a serial and network interface for data transmission to a PC.

Chocolate tanks

Chocolate tanks from SOLLICH meet the highest standards of technical reliability and hygiene. They are manufactured with a double-walled construction and are electrically heated. The following equipment is fitted as standard:

  • slow-running agitator assembly
  • completely enclosed tank with lift-up lid on one side and safety switch to halt the agitator immediatelywhen the lid is lifted
  • thermal device to ensure the agitator does not start running until the filling mass has heated up sufficiently. Type RTN has a dished base for optimum tank emptying.

Stationary chocolate pumps

Over 40 years’ experience of chocolate pump construction and the changes in the properties of modern-day chocolate masses have contributed to the design of these new gear pumps. They are designed to feed tempering machines, enrobing machines and storage tanks, to supply closed circular pipelines and to fill and empty tankers and conches. We attach great importance to the space-saving, compact and maintenance-free design.


  • Contimixer Type NM for tempered chocolate with admixtures such as nuts, raisins, cereals etc.
  • Contimixer Type SM for mixing chopped nuts or almonds into a pre-crystallised nougat mass
  • Contimixer Type SMK for mixing nuts, dried fruit or cereals into caramel and liquid sugar masses
  • Contimixer Type SMN for manufacturing nougat frappe with dry additives such as icing sugar, milk powder and cocoa powder but also dried fruit, nuts etc.
  • Contimixer Type SMC for feeding Conbar® bar manufacturing lines and Cluster Former machines with cereals, dried fruit and nuts
  • Dual Arm Z-Mixer Type MZK for plastic masses such as cereal mixtures, fudge, nougat frappe and Montelimar nougat
  • Volumetric Dosing System TD for granular and free-flowing ingredients.

Chocolate de-crystallization

Before it can be used again, returned tempered chocolate must have all the fat crystals removed from it by heating it to approx. +45 ºC. Unless this is done, the tempering quality will vary considerably. We supply separate maintenance-free heat exchangers of Type HE for this purpose, or alternatively an integral decrystallisation phase is available in Type TE/TE-D machines