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Turbotemper® e heavy duty

Sollich Turbotemper TE heavy duty - tempering machine for high viscos chocolateThe Turbotemper® e heavy duty is designed to handle chocolates with high viscosity (over 10 Pas acc. to Casson at 40° C) and with higher flow rates (over 30 Pas acc. to Casson at 40° C).

It is fitted as standard with reinforced main drive with ammeter, specially designed mixing and shear elements and a separate water circuit for the jacketed pipework to the user machine.

Characteristics of the Turbotemper® e

  • Increased shelf life and exceptional gloss due to presence of a very high proportion of stable beta V crystals
  • Improved heat resistance of chocolate
  • Lower viscosity as a result of 2-3 ºC (3-5 ºF) higher operating temperatures
  • Constant degree of temper, even with varying chocolate infeed temperatures or throughputs
  • Uniform hollow good shells, reduced breakage and thinner, pinhole free chocolate coating
  • Improved contraction for easier demoulding and less mould cleaning
  • Quickest solidification during the cooling process (post recrystallisation)

Advantages of the Turbotemper® e Heavy Duty  

  • Better temper quality through accelerated crystal formation and absolutely homogeneous crystal distribution due to the new "Mäander" double scraper (patented)
  • Accelerated cooling and pre-crystallisation because there is less volume of chocolate in each of the plates and because the "first-in/first-out" route for the chocolate is guaranteed
  • Greater economy trough and increased tempering throughput made possible by the new design double channel cooling plates (patented)
  • High percentage of uniform, stable beta crystals formed in the crystallisation stage, thanks to the uniformity of temperature of the cooling surfaces (patented). The temperature is automatically adjusted according to the chocolate throughput
  • More accurate chocolate temperatur control by measuring the temperatur in an annular gap (patented)
  • High degree of user comfort, extensive data availability such as Tempermeter curves and preventative maintenance advice possible, upon request, by means of a Touchscreen PC
  • Hygienic design
  • Low energy demand by efficient technology using energy saving components (e.g. IE3 motors)

Turbotemper® heavy duty is available for capacities from 400 to 5.500 kg/h.


Sollich Turbotemper HMI PanelThe new touchscreen PC-control offers high operating comfort, such as brief operating instructions of the Turbotemper®, data for preventative maintenance and long time data management of temper curves from our automatic Tempermeter "Tempergraph".

TempergraphSollich Tempergraph - Automatic measuring of degree of temper

Tempergraph is the automatic Tempermeter for online measuring the degree of temper in your chocolate, eliminating human interference as with portable Tempermeter.

Flavor Dosing System

For chocolate and especially for cream fillings in shell moulding plants we supply complete dosing and mixing systems for adding flavours, colours or solid ingredients such as chopped nuts, cereals, crocant pieces or dried fruits. The picture shows a plant with 3 flavour dosing stations incl. 3 monopumps and static mixers for the chocolate or cream as well as one dosing and mixing station for solid ingredients.