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Contimixer type SMN/SMK/SMC – the optimised mixer for the production of bars (and for candy bars and cereal bars)

Type SMK

The SMK mixer was developed to mix caramel and similar liquid sugar masses with nuts, dried fruit or cereals, eg, for bar production.

Capacity: up to 2000 kg/h.

Type SMN

For the continuous production of foam nougat (frappé), the SMN mixer is the ideal machine for mixing the foam (frappé) with dry ingredients such as icing sugar, milk and cocoa power, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Capacity depends on mixer size: up to 1000 kg/h.

Type SMC

Mixers and dosing systems were specially developed for cereals, dried fruit and nuts to feedConbar® machines for the production of cereal bars and feeding the SOLLICH Cluster Former®

There are two variants available:
SMC-1 – for fat or sugar syrup binder
SMC-2 – for marshmallow binder