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Sollformat® - Praline Forming from Sollich

The Sollformat® series allows for high accuracy and precise control of weights and dimensions when manufacturing pralines of any kind. The machines carefully process sensitive materials as well. With this series your creativity faces no limits.

Sollformat® KPS

The Sollformat® KPS is a universal double piston extruder of the latest design suitable for all sugar, fat and fruit based materials which can be formed in plastic state to form confectionery and sweet center bars.


Sollformat® SFN

The Sollformat® SFN is an extremely economical forming system from SOLLICH for confectionery masses containing fat and have a granular or fibrous structure to aid the forming process.


Sollformat® SPF-DPF

The Sollformat® SPF-DPF is a high-performance extruder for praline forming using fatty masses as well as sugar masses.



Sollich has developed a completely new version of the Sollcoshot® forming machine, especially suitable for the production of soft praline centers.


Cluster Former CF

The Cluster Former is a simple and efficient forming machine from the SOLLICH range for products such as nut clusters that can be transferred easily via a continuously running cooling belt. It permits a wide range of product combinations using a minimal amount of chocolate.



Sollcoform® is a new type of rotary moulding machine with positive demoulding features. It also allows to demould difficult product mixtures from the moulding roller onto the product conveyor.



Nut depositors, moulding machines, cutting machines etc.