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Polydimensional sprinkling and “porcupining” of truffle balls

Regardless of whether they are spiked, powdered or covered in sugar, truffles are among the favourite quality pralines. In order to ensure that the ‘king’ of pralines satisfies the most discerning consumer in terms of visual appearance as well as taste, SOLLICH has developed automated systems that can be inserted into a production line at any stage.

Spiked Truffles 

The SOLLICH spiking device consists of:

  • the automatic truffle ball depositor
  • a mobile wire belt conveyor with heated drip tray for the chocolate
  • the truffle rolling device

Powdered or Sugar-Coated Truffles 

When they have been coated in chocolate, truffles can be coated on all sides with cocoa powder, icing sugar or sugar crystals. The SOLLICH powdering device ensures perfect sprinkling. It also offers a high degree of flexibility in the production sequence, since it can be exchanged at any time for a ‘spiker’. This polydimensional sprinkling system is also suitable for use with other products.

Outstanding characteristics

  • hygienic stainless steel construction for maximum cleanliness and ease of cleaning
  • available for machine widths from 320 to 1300 mm