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Candymaster® and Shellmaster®

It is well-known that transparent hard-boiled sweets can be achieved only with a starchless moulding process. The Candymaster® enables you to economically manufacture confectionery, from the solid to the filled “one-shot” product. For peppermint coins and toffees, jelly and other low-boiled products, too, the Candymaster is the ideal and neat solution.

With the unique Shellmaster® technology, hollow sugar shells can be produced for the first time. This worldwide new process offers scope for product ideas which could not be implemented thus far.

Candymaster® CM160

The Candymaster® sets new standards in the manufacture of products using the starchless moulding process. The ease of operation, flexible working methods and hygienic construction of the system are second to none.


Candymaster® CM120

The Candymaster® CM120 is suitable for the manufacture of products made from soft-boiled sugar masses such as fondant, caramel, toffee, fudge etc.



Shellmaster® is the name of a new generation of starchless moulding plants. For the first time, genuine filled hollow shells can be manufactured in a new patented process in addition to single-colour and multi-coloured sweets or filled ‘one shot’ products.