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Thermo-Flow® plus Cooling Tunnel Type KK Dairy

The Type KK Thermo-Flow® Plus Type KK Dairy center cooling tunnel is specially designed for cooling product fillings and slab cooling in high-output production lines. KK Dairy is designed with the focus on hygiene and easy cleaning, the tunnel features full washdown capability and enchances wipe cleaning to reduce potential bacterial growth. Easy access to all CCP's as well as less CCPs by reducing the amount of components in direct and indirect contact with a product. Energy-saving CFC-free insulation is of course a standard feature, and the equipment naturally complies with GMP guidelines. Because of their precision fit, the polyurethane hoods are airtight without the need for a seal.

Sollich Thermo-Flow Plus KK Dairy Cooling Tunnel

Thermo-Flow Plus KK Dairy features

  • PU-Covers without seals; all surfaces are easy to clean
  • UV light to reduce bacteria in the process
  • MERV 14 filter installed before heat-exchanger
  • SEW ASEPTICplus® drives
  • Stainless steel bearings and connections
  • Support parts outside of indirect and direct product area zone